Welcome to The American Legion Auxiliary’s Empire Girls State Program…
…inspirational, educational, life-changing, and fun!

The 2020 Session of the American Legion Auxiliary Empire Girls State program will be June 28, 2020 to July 4, 2020 will take place as a virtual learning experience. 

ALA-Empire Girls State Update April 15, 2020

On April 8, 2020, ALA Department of NY President Linda Tome announced that the ALA Empire Girls State 2020 session normally held at SUNY Brockport is being transitioned to a virtual event. We would like to share some additional details.

The decision to cancel the in person, traditional ALA Empire Girls State week was based on several factors. The health and safety of our delegates and our staff is our priority. In addition, we just received word during the week that the SUNY Brockport campus will not be open to host our
program in June-July of this year.

We have NOT cancelled the ALA EGS Program completely! The ALA EGS Board of Directors met on April 13, 2020 and approved the implementation of an online program. The ALA EGS staff is committed to offering an online experience for the delegates who have been selected and have completed the application process. This is a groundbreaking innovation for sure, and we are excited to move forward with this plan!

We understand the disappointment of delegates who will not attend the program in person, but we are confident that the online program option will fill the gap! We are excited by some of the things we already have in the works! 2020 might not look like the other years in our ALA EGS history…but it will be unique and wonderful! We are anxious to “meet” the 2020 delegates and make memories!

Please read the following information carefully. In addition, please check empiregirlsstate.org and the American Legion Auxiliary Empire Girls State facebook page often for updates.

What will it look like?
We will be offering a wide variety of resources and on-line experiences that delegates can access AS THEY CHOOSE. We will include topics such as:
● Information about the American Legion Auxiliary
● The President’s service Program
● Americanism
● The Political Process
● Leadership
● The Empire Girls State Program and History
● ALA membership and the ALA EGS Alumni Program
● Guest speaker series!!!

Who will participate?
The registration process is well underway, and continues until APRIL 30, 2020 with deadline extensions due to the COVID 19 situation. We will soon be contacting any alternates who will be moved into delegate slots.

What will it cost?

Your $25 application fee will also be refunded through your sponsoring unit or county. Please be patient as we work through returning their payment and in turn, them refunding you.

When will the Virtual Session take place?
The exact dates will be announced. It is our vision that the virtual materials will be ready for the week of June 28-July 4, 2020. We may also extend access to the online materials longer than the originally scheduled week to allow more flexibility to our delegates. Please note: there are multiple
factors that may affect these dates.

How will delegates participate?
★ We are working on the exact model, but anticipate that there will be a great deal of flexibility in how delegates will interact with the online platform. We can assure you it will not be intense or stressful to delegates. We understand the toll remote education has had on them as students and will be proactive in making this an enjoyable, relaxed experience.

★ There will NOT be required time frames. Instead, delegates will work through materials and resources at their own pace and in the order in which they choose

★ There are NO REQUIRED hours or assignments, we are just offering an opportunity to join the online platform and view some or all of the resources, materials and events.

★ Safety and privacy are paramount and the ALA EGS program already has Cyber Security Insurance in place.

Will delegates receive a Certificate of Completion?
Being selected for ALA Empire Girls State is a prestigious honor and allows delegates to cite participation on college and scholarship applications, applications to military academies, and on resumes. Delegates will be issued a certificate of completion.

What do I need to do next?
★ Check for updates frequently.
★ Email, call or text if you still have questions.
★ All in person ORIENTATIONS have been cancelled-they are unnecessary for the virtual session.
★ Information on accessing the virtual session will be emailed once the roster is finalized and the online platform is ready.

Hang in there! Stay safe!

The ALA Empire Girls State Leadership Team
Jenifer Farley
Wendy Privitera
Kris Dziduch

“Being in EGS has made me into the woman I am today: confident, independent, kind, and most importantly, a leader in today’s world. As an EGS citizen, I learned so much about U.S. government and became prouder to be an American. As an EGS counselor for three years, I learned how to put my leadership skills to the test and serve as a role model and teacher for so many amazing young women. My experience at EGS and all the women who continue to make this program successful each year will always have a special place in my heart. As a citizen, EGS 2007 and as a counselor in 2009, 2010, and 2011, I will never forget the lessons I’ve learned and the friendships I’ve made. “I will always remember you…” and never forget that you can always “lean on me.”


“EGS made me so proud to be an American, as cliché as it sounds. Before EGS I never really thought about how lucky I was to be born in the USA, but since my week in Brockport, not a day goes by where I am not grateful for my citizenship.”

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