Sunday 6/28 ALA EGS 2020 Kicks off Online!

If Day 1 of the ALA EGS virtual session were a word, it would be: Enthusiasm.

The second that the classroom modules were posted, the comments and questions began. The day was spent figuring out how to access all of the information, creating learning plans and strategies with the help of the provided Program Guide, and beginning our discussions of the material.

Questions were asked about the formation of political parties within the context of ALA EGS. The participants were excited to learn that, while our political parties of Federalist and Nationalist have names that can be associated in the “real world” to governmental ideologies, the Feds and Nats of ALA EGS are blank canvases with which the citizens can decide whatever political ideologies represent them best. Because of that, they began discussing which types of issues would be most important to them to have incorporated into a Nat or Fed platform. 

Many have already begun asking how they can further support both the American Legion Auxiliary and the Empire Girls State program beyond these two weeks of participation. Plenty of resources for eligibility and applying are being relayed, so here’s to many new prospective ALA members and proud ALA EGS Alumnae!

It bears repeating, the enthusiasm so far is incredible. I can’t wait to see what else will come in the next two weeks as they have more time to dig into all of the content within the ALA EGS virtual session classroom. 

(There were no tomatoes in my lunch today – I had pancakes for lunch.)

Flashback Photo from Tomato Watch 2018

Signing off from Day 1

Sr Counselor Steph Fallon

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