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Please email  all applications to Empire Girls State Chairman at empiregirlsstate@gmail.com, or by U.S. mail.

Samsung Scholarship Information!

To learn more about the Samsung Scholarship, eligibility requirements, or to download an application Click here: Samsung Scholarship  Remember all Samsung Scholarships will be collected at check in and all required documents must be presented at this time! No late entries will be permitted!

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Not sure what the Samsung Scholarship is or how to prove you are eligible to receive the scholarship. Read this handy tool for information about obtaining the right paperwork!

Outline of Program

The week is busy and county elections begin the evening the citizens first arrive.

Here are some highlights!

  • County Elections
  • Committee work in committees such as agriculture, campaign, criminal justice, education, environmental conservation, health, homeland security, party platform, and technology.
  • Write bills, resolutions, and solve case studies about situations that state and federal governments are working hard to resolve. Copies of all work will be forwarded to our NYS Senators.
  • Hold Party caucuses
  • Elect state officials
  • Learn Parliamentary Procedure
  • Participate in a legislative session and various elections

Interviewing Tips

A. Setting up the Interview

Interviews can be a tricky thing to schedule. The young adults we try to attract to our program are often busy with the very extracurricular and community activities that makes them desirable candidates for our Empire Girls State Program.

Maintaining a positive relationship and open communication with your school district is vital to the success of the Empire Girls State program.  Try to maintain an open line of communication with the principal and the guidance counselor. Schools have gone through a lot of transitions the last few years and many of the staff members are new. Some may have never heard of our program before, while others may have so much on their plate that they may forget about how amazing the program is.  Bring them information about the program, such as one of the informational handouts provided in the forms section. This provides links with overviews of the program, the benefits and information about what girls can expect to gain from the program.

Team up with the American Legion to request to speak to the entire Junior class about Boys State and Girls State.  If this is not possible, request the contact information of the girls who are in the top 1/3 of their class. Having trouble getting girls to come for an interview? Try addressing it to the “Parents or Guardians of…” and explaining the many benefits of Empire Girls State. Check out a sample letter in the forms section. Download and edit it to suit your needs!

B .Interview Format

Interviews can be done in a variety of ways. The Unit Empire Girls State Chairman or selection committee can sit down with several girls one at a time to discuss the girls’ interests and qualifications. Another method of interviewing that works quite well is doing a group interview. Invite several members of your Unit to attend a group interview with all of the candidates. Pose a variety of questions and allow the girls to take turns answering them. Pay attention to the way in which the girls answer the questions and how they interact with each other. Are some girls more willing to stand up for what they believe in over others? Do they all agree with each other all of the time? How the girls interact is often very telling in this group style interview. Check out more interview tips in the forms section!

C. Completing Paperwork

Make sure that you sit down and fill out as much of the paperwork as possible with the prospective citizen. This way you can emphasize various parts of the application and you can remember to stress the importance of the accuracy of the information.  It is also important that you select alternates and have them fill out paperwork as well. ALL paperwork for both citizens and alternates should be submitted so that it can be forwarded to the Department Empire Girls State Registrar.

 Department Award

Kathryn O. Johnson Award

To the District with the best Orientation Program for Empire Girls State citizens.
The following rules apply to this award:

  • Report is to be in narrative form, not to exceed 1,000 words.
  • Pictures, press clippings and samples or copies of material used for the Orientation may be included.
  • Entry cover sheet to include:
  • Name of District
  • District Empire Girls State Chairman name and address
  • County membership
  • Number of words

Deadline for Award:              June 15th
Send Entries To:                    Department Empire Girls State Chairman

Transportation Information

Units, Counties, and Districts are not responsible for transportation of the girls to and from the Girls State Session. While there are many that choose to do so, please note that it is not the intention of the Department of New York to require such transportation.

Please make sure that all travel cards are accurate and that every citizen has a travel card prior to departing for Empire Girls State on Sunday morning.

Check in
Check in will be from 1pm-3pm.  Please plan accordingly as many buses arrive late and girls miss out on valuable time getting to know the citizens of their county.

Check Out
Check out will take place FRIDAY morning from 6am-9am. Please make sure that this is stressed to both the parents, bus drivers, and students. Every year students who arrive on the bus are not sure what time they will be picked up FRIDAY Morning. Please, please, please, stress to the bus drivers (and chaperones when applicable) what time they will be picked up on Saturday morning.

Important Deadlines

Deadline Details of Information Due
Nov. 1, 2016



No later than Jan. 1, 2017


No later than March 1, 2017

County chairman must submit Quota Commitment Forms to EGS Chairman: Lucille Mozzillo


District Orientation Leader (DOL) applications must be submitted to Lucille Mozzillo, Empire Girls State Chairman


Applications are due for Central Staff, Senior Counselor, and Junior Counselor positions to Lucille Mozzillo, EGS Chairman. Selected Staff will be notified following the Approval at the April Executive Meeting.

No later than Jan. 10, 2017 Each Unit Chairman must contact school(s) about the EGS program and obtain a list of eligible girls in the top 1/3 in the Junior class. (Home schools apply)
Jan. 10, 2017 – March 1, 2017 Each Unit Chairman gathers a team to conduct interviews between Jan – March.

Units will select their citizen(s) and or alternate(s) by March 1st to attend EGS.

No later than March 1, 2017 Contact the Empire Girls State Chairman; Lucille Mozzillo if you feel that your Unit/County will not be able to fulfill your quota commitment.
March 1, 2017 All Citizen Paperwork due to the Unit EGS Chairman – applications must be signed by applicant & parents and cover page initialed by Unit Chairman.
March 15, 2017 Unit Chairman forward all completed applications to County EGS Chairman.
March 31, 2017 All application materials (initialed by County Chair) and tuition payments due to the Empire Girls State Vice Chairman / Registrar, Donna Dorminey
April 1, 2017 –

May 31, 2017

District Empire Girls State Orientations to be held by certified DOL’s.

Please encourage all citizens and alternates as well as parents to attend.

No later than June 10th 2017 Auxiliary Ads, Family, Business Ads and Booster sheets due to Empire Girls State Chairman: Lucille Mozzillo
No later than June 15th 2017     Survival kit deadline for Parents and Family

(limited to the first 100) Due to Jennifer Farley

June 30, 2017   Kathryn O. Johnson Award submission due to Lucille Mozzillo, EGS Chairman.