First Full Day at EGS!

The girls had a very busy day Monday — most were lucky to miss the rain — except for the early 6 am morning runners!!
The day started off with Rankin County performing a wonderful flag ceremony which included presentation of the American flag, the Pledge, a patriotic reading and flutes!
A POW/MIA (Prisoner of War/Missing in Action) ceremony was conducted by Albright County.  This somber ceremony — a table set for one — is a place of honor.  It represents a place that is solemnly held for those that have not yet returned from war.  Each item on the table is symbolic of the trials of our missing veterans.
The girls then had a Parliamentary Update session and discussed Roberts Rules of Order.  The Political Instructors held a workshop to discuss how to write their Party Platform, draft a bill and how to write a legislative resolution.  The girls broke out into their Committees and elected a Chairman of the Committee.  The Committee Chairman conducted meetings according to Parliamentary Procedure and they brainstormed “hot topics” based on each of the counties they live in and discussed how each of these topics could be incorporated into a bill.  

Girls work in their Party Committees to draft Bills

The girls broke quickly to grab a boxed lunch and continued working through lunch.  
After more discussions with their Committees, the girls went back to their dorms and divided into their assigned political parties and elected nominees for the four State offices:  Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller and Attorney General for each party.  They also elected one nominee for each County office:  County Executive, County Comptroller, District Attorney, County Judge and County Sheriff.  
So, to insure the safety of our citizens, The Brockport University campus security and the EGS staff held a fire drill which went very smoothly!!  All were accounted for!
All the citizens then went to dinner and watched the flag retrieval ceremony by Anthony County.  The Department President, Jan Mahoney, gave an overview of the American Legion Auxiliary. Then the action began!!!  PARTY CAUCUSES!!
The Feds and Nats broke out into separate rooms –  Both ALA Party Advisors opened their meeting and appointed a Party Secretary.  A stand up count of all people in the room was taken for voting purposes.  Campaign speeches were made by candidates nominated for the Party Leader and a paper ballot vote was done.  The Party Leader was announced and she appointed a Treasurer and continued to chair the remainder of the Caucus.  Each of the Platform Committee Chairmen then reported on the progress of their Committee.  After discussion, the parties then started to practice cheers and chants!!  The meetings were then adjourned for the day!
Later in the evening, the girls worked on their campaign posters, County banner and helped each other with their speeches.  Some girls also made it over to the snack bar for some late night snacks!  
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