ALA EGS 6/29/20

The citizens were greeted by our National President Nicole Clapp this morning and this afternoon our political advisor, Cecilia, held a Google meet to allow the citizens to ask questions, clarify items and allow the citizens to exchange thoughts.

There was a citizen that started a conversation about how she could still provide a service to veterans even though she is not attending ALA EGS in person. She was very interested in creating poppies to distribute to Veterans with a personal card attached to thank a Veteran for their service. The ALA EGS staff referred her to the Americanism section and she loved the idea of including pocket flags as well.

The citizens were discussing a lot today the role they can play in politics even though they are still not of legal age to vote. Several ideas were exchanged that excited the citizens to know that they do have a voice and their voice can be powerful. They also learned that they could work on campaigns.

It is exciting to see the enthusiasm these ladies have about learning more about how our government is run. One citizen is quoted as saying” thank EGS for teaching me something new I didn’t know today”. She learned that there is a website where the public can view all bills that are being presented to congress.

Looking forward to what excitement the upcoming day may bring.

-Lucille Mozzillo

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