American Legion Auxiliary…more than just Empire Girls State

The American Legion Auxiliary provides many opportunities for young people. One such opportunity is the Junior Auxiliary. There are ways to be involved both locally, with others in your county at both the county and department level.  I have held several county positions, one was Junior County and at the Department(state) level, I am the current Department Honorary Junior President. This means I campaigned and ran for office just like we have done at the American Legion Auxiliary Empire Girls State to secure this position. During this year, I have had the opportunity to run several meetings where Juniors have worked on projects supporting veterans and military families. The American Legion Auxiliary is an organization that not only helps the veterans, but their families as well.  Everyone volunteers to raise money in order to fund the service, programs and activities that we provide for veterans and their families. But it doesn’t stop at fundraising, there are many opportunities to volunteer at events, and donate materials or services.

Another opportunity the American Legion Auxiliary gives young women is the American Legion Auxiliary Empire Girls State program.  At ALA EGS, I have met a lot of supportive people and made many new friends. On the very first day, we jumped into activities like electing party leaders and senators, holding county elections, and deciding which committee we wanted to serve on.  The flag ceremony taught us to respect the flag, how to handle it properly, and what it stands for. We also enjoyed our time on our dorm floors, with our ALA Girls State county, and of course the dining hall! There was a selection of different foods to choose from at breakfast and dinner, and for late night food we had a place called Trax. There was also a little store next to Trax.

The American Legion provides many opportunities, and I am very glad I have had the chance to hold office and to attend American Legion Auxiliary Empire Girls State. I urge you to get involved with the American Legion Auxiliary locally. There are so many opportunities to give back to your community, support military families, and honor our veterans. Channel the sense of pride and Americanism instilled in you during your week at ALA Empire Girls State and use it help others. Consider getting involved with the American Legion Auxiliary either as a member or as a volunteer and know that together we do make a difference.

MacKayla McDaniels
2018 American Legion Auxiliary Department of New York Junior President
2018 American Legion Auxiliary Empire Girls State Citizen, O’Connor County

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