Pocket Flags to Flag Retirement Ceremony – Tuesday

The girls were up and going this morning — even though they were up late working on posters and chatting until all hours of the morning . . .
Keller County citizens conducted the Flag Posting ceremony which was followed by our guest speaker American Legion Department of NY Commander James Yermes.  He spoke about some of the activities at Boys State.
The citizens then participated in an Americanism project – Pocket Flags. They all learned how to fold a smaller version of the flag into a small triangle which will be placed in a little bag and then given to someone currently serving so they can always carry a little piece of home with them and as a thank you for defending our country and freedom.

Learning to fold the American Flag by making pocket flags.

The citizens broke out into their groups to continue working on their bills with their Committees.  There was a lot of intense discussions, negotiating and drafting of bills to put before the Political Instructors for their critique.  Final bills need to be ready Wednesday morning to be reviewed that evening by the State Comptroller. 
After another working lunch, all citizens met to witness a Flag Retirement ceremony.  When a flag becomes worn, torn, faded or badly soiled, it’s time to replace with a new flag, and the old flag should be “retired” with all the dignity and respect befitting our nation’s flag. Tubman County performed the ceremony presenting the flag for inspection and the flag was placed on a low burning fire while Taps was played.  This was a very quiet and somber event that will be remembered by all citizens.
The girls then broke up and went back to their Counties to start the County Office elections.  Each party had previously selected people for these positions on Monday,  — and today they ran against each other!  Two citizens from each party within the County were also elected for  Girls Nation!  The girls also continued to work on their Platforms/bills and received assistance from the Political Instructors as necessary.  The citizens also compiled a list of questions to be asked at the Town Hall Debate on Wednesday.
The citizens met up with the Media Team to have their County pictures taken and then off to dinner.
Flag retrieval was performed by Angelou County and the parties split up to begin the Party Caucus for the evening!  A standing count was done to determine total number of votes for the Party.  
The Chairman of the Platform Committee presented the proposed Party Platform for adoption.  After many questions and much discussion by citizens, the Platforms were adopted.
The Party Chairman then requested nominees for State Government offices:  Attorney General, State Comptroller, Lt. Governor, and Governor.  Each nominee spoke for two minutes on why they should be elected for the position and then votes were taken and winners were announced!
The evening was reserved for Meet the Candidates Night at Trax to meet the citizens and answer any questions they might have.  
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