Thursday Recap!

Long nights lead to early mornings . . . the citizens have learned that this week!!
PATRIOTIC DAY TODAY!  Red, white and blue attire was worn by all attending and volunteering at Girls State today!  Some a little crazy, but all were very patriotic!  After breakfast and the flag posting ceremony performed by Earhart County with two buglers echoing “Taps,” Department President Jan spoke about the American Legion Auxiliary and some of the programs:  Children  Youth, Veteran Affairs & Rehabilitation, Poppy Program, Warrior Family Assistance and the American Legion Auxiliary College.
The State Session reconvened with the 22 members of the Senate sitting up front and the Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General and the Secretary of State sitting up on stage.  The Lt. Governor is the President of the Legislature and session was called to order.  Bills that have been worked on during the week were introduced by the respective Chair of the Bills Committee.  The bills were debated upon in the Assembly and the Senate and then voted upon.  A majority is needed to pass a Bill in each House.  If the Bill was passed it is forwarded on to the Governor for action of which would be announced Friday morning.  Five out of twelve bills were passed by a majority of votes.  The Secretary of State read a brief report of what transpired during Session and the Lt. Governor adjourned the meeting.
After dinner, a flag retrieval ceremony was performed by Anthony County.  All Citizens and Staff participated in the County Fun Night which consisted of skits performed by each County!  The citizens then went into the Fireside Lounge
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